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AGITA ~ a One Woman Play

The life and times of a young woman who was very different from everyone else in her oddball yet loving Italian-American family.

Being the youngest of four, comedienne/singer-songwriter and musician Maryann Maisano ,viewed the antics going on in her Italian-born parents home from a very different perspective than her siblings. They all grew up with a commuter parking lot as their backyard, numerous taxis in the driveway, taxi phones ringing at dinner, and a very charismatic father who had a way with the ladies.

Her siblings seemed to think Maryann was the peculiar one, that is, until the tables turned.

Maryann’s tale is one of passion, skewered love, and the unthinkable for an Italian family ─ therapy.

This is a story of how detaching from the very things we love and striving to fulfill our dreams can save us. A hilarious story, ripe with intrigue, poignancy, dysfunction, infidelity, but no murder ─yet!

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