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Coming of Age… with Agita! Review by Valarie Smaldone: click below

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About Agita
A Dramedy


A One-Women Play


A true Italian-American story centered around family, food, and of course, drama, Agita is the coming-of-age story of first-generation New Jersey native writer, comedian, singer-songwriter, musician and actor Maryann Maisano. 


Set in the shadows of the George Washington Bridge, Agita recounts the joys and challenges of life in 1960s suburban America being raised by traditional Italian immigrants in a rather dysfunctional household. Maisano takes the audience on a poignant and hilarious journey as she recounts tales of her rebellious childhood pushing against her family's expectations that eventually lead her to embrace the unspeakable... THERAPY! Ultimately, Maisano is left to make the two hardest decisions of her adult life, "coming out" to family and friends and trading in a six-figure bank VP of Sales position to become a full-time entertainer!


Agita is a story of courage and hope, and how risking it all to fulfill our dreams is the true path to happiness!   

The first review is in for AGITA-a one woman play!

Anne Raso ~ Journalist

Instagram Anne_Raso

Hand gestures abounded both during the taping and at the after show reception of   @maryannmaisano’s one woman play Agita last night on a Jersey City soundstage. Agita was taped for a future livestream viewing and is what I would call the female version of A Bronx Tale without any mafia themes, LOL! Actually, Agita is more soul-searching and less flashy than A Bronx Tale which took a lot of artistic liberties (still love it, though). I truly hope that Agita makes it to Broadway someday soon. Maryann was championed by the late Danny Aiello who loved her work; there was a very positive quote from him featured in last night’s show program which also included a really fun black and white insert of Maryann’s family album pics . In case you’re curious, Agita includes Maryann singing some of the songs that featured prominently in her days of helming a rock band and “wedding band” simultaneously back in the 80s but really focuses on her childhood and teenage years growing up in a working class Fort Lee, NJ family. Maryann talks frankly about her father’s way with the ladies , Family freak outs and of course, food. Agita also deals very realistically with coming out to a family with conservative values and having a career identity crisis (the comedienne/musician gave up being the VP of a bank to become a full-time performer). I hate to use a show business cliche but you will indeed laugh and cry at the same time—and you do not have to be Italian to love Agita! #theitalianchicks #italiangirl#jerseygirls #offbroadway#onewomanshow


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On the set of AGITA

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