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Maryann "Boom Boom" Maisano

Maryann is the creator, producer & headliner of the show. She started performing at 15 years old in a rock & roll band. As time went on her very Italian father said," Mariana, you betta get the real job and the benefits. She went into finance and resigned her 6-figure position  after 18 years to get back to entertaining.

Maryann left corporate life to pursue her passions and never looked back. A singer, songwriter, musician, comedian, writer, and actor—Maryann is the consummate entertainer. After winning the New York City Songwriters Festival award, her musical career took off. Her song "City of Light," was recorded by the late Danny Aiello  and nominated for a Grammy. Her second CD, "Playing with My Heart!" debuted in 2017 and her third CD, Make Me Crazy debuted in 2019 , Many Moods CD  was released in April 2023 and is featured is on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and downloaded all over the world.

 While continuing to write and sing original music, she also began pursuing stand-up comedy. She's opened for comedy greats as Joy Behar and Ray Romano.,

Looking for a way to showcase both her music and comedy, Maryann formed “The Italian Chicks” variety show in 2010. Performing as both its headliner and lead musical talent while featuring a bevy of Italian-American funny women was an instant hit. The combination of stand-up, hilarious song parodies, and tender ballads that have become an integral part of the show continues to win over audiences.

Even while touring the country with the Italian Chicks, she found time to open her one-woman play; “Agita” which opened to critical acclaim in 2017. AGITA ~ a one woman play. Has since won 9 film festivals for Best Comedy, Best Stage Play and Best Drama and Best Drama. You can view the play on TUBI TV.

She also just released an LGBTQ Short Film, titled : "THE KEY! This film has won over 9 film festivals and can be seen on You Tube. You may have seen her at a theatre near you or on the news with a jacket over her head,

Danny Aiello was so taken by the show he endorsed the show until his passing.



Michele Traina

Michele Traina is a high kickin Italian American Jersey girl and creator of Divorce Diaries.  Michele has toured as a stand-up comedian all over the country and made appearances on Tamron Hall, Wendy Williams, Tea with Gary Vee, and onstage with Chippendales Las Vegas- for the Ultimate Divorce Party. 

 Michele uses humor to poke fun at her loving Italian family, her divorce, being a single mom, and a former theatre teacher. Michele has won awards for Divorce Diaries TV Pilot, her short film 180, and has a comedy special on Amazon Prime - Michele Traina: Divorce Diaries. She loves love, that's why she got divorced and is currently seeking a non-controlling Italian man over 5ft. Michele also owns Propbox Players, a theatre company that specializes in inclusion-based performances for differently abled children.


Candi Feola

Candi has a vast experience musical theatre. She has  also sang background in many tribute bands and her comedic abilities in musicals is outstanding.

You may have seen her on some commercials and print work as well. She is a crowd favorite.


Christine Berg

She looks and sounds like she sends back the lobster because it’s too cold, but talks like she belongs in the kitchen, rage-spitting on plates. She has been featured as Miss Pillows on Scary Mommy and can be seen on Showtime and Amazon Prime. Her debut album Bumped is on regular rotation on Sirius XM and is a club favorite in New York City.

Christy Milla Miller.png

Christy Milla Miller

From the East coast to the West coast, she has making making people laugh. She has performed Caroline’s in NYC to The Comedy Store in LA.

She has worked with legendary comics such as Paul Money and has opened for Andre Dice Clay several times. She has been featured on shows such as: BET’s “Comic Mania”, Tammy Pescatelli’s “Stand Up Mother and on Vinny Pastore’s “The Wiseguys Show” on Sirius XM. Her new comedy album, “Brutally Yours” was released March 24 2023 and is on all music platforms. She’s crazy, funny and no one can do dirty like her. Which is why her nickname is “Nasty Barbie”!

Nikki Silva

 Nikki is one of our backup dancers & singers. She is sexy, campy and the bad girl Boomette"! Her persona  embodies a mix of sex appeal, campy style, and a rebellious and edgy attitude. She is a singer, songwriter, musician, actor & film maker. Sometimes we keep her changed up in the green room until showtime:)



Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 3.29.52 PM.jpg

Theresa Cannistraci is an Actor, Producer, Stand-Up Comedian and a Talk Show Host who grew up in Queens, NY. She hit the stage at four years old, after her Mother signed her up for tap dance lessons. That's where the Producers of the movie The Godfather walked in looking to cast kids for the wedding scene. Theresa being 100% Sicilian was thrilled for this opportunity.  Theresa has appeared in Commercials, Movies, a Web Series and a TV Sitcom. She loves transforming herself from a blonde bombshell to an old Italian Grandmother with an accent! 

Florida  Italian Chick

0 copy.jpeg

Regina Pfeiffer

Sharon Pfeiffer  ( don’t’ ask ) was born and raised in Long Island, New York and has been living in South Florida since 1998 (but still sounds like she just stepped off the subway!). Italian & Irish!

Sharon got her start in Comedy after being convinced to take a comedy course by one of her acting agents. She has been performing all over South Florida and New York since then, sharing her experiences as a former ‘mobwife’ when she lived in NY, with humor and laughter.

Her background is 'NY Italian', but living in South Florida has given her lots of new material to work with sit-downs to standup, Sharon unfiltered, raw, honest, and sometimes 'R-rated' comedy is what brings audiences back, again and again.

L A Italian Chicks 

Ashley Gianni


Maria Paris
Rita Guida


Jaclyn Marfuggi

Maryann "BoomBoom" Maisano will be headlining all LA shows

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