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Our entire schedule for 2020 was postponed.  We will miss you Myrtle Beach - Florida - Boston & NY State.  Below are NEW dates...... Keep checking for more updates . Be safe! We cannot wait to perform for you:)

May 1. 2021  

UCPAC - 300 Hamilton St., Rahway, NJ

Outdoor Theatre  -  Social distancing, sanitizer and more .

You know the drill.

If it rains the show will be moved inside the larger Main Stage...



For Tix call 732-499-8226 -

 Taping March 19th 2021

AGITA - A One Woman Play! Written & performed by Maryann Maisano. A pay per view events of the of the live taping of the show. The life and times of a young woman who was very different from everyone else in her oddball yet loving Italian-American family.

Being the youngest of four, comedienne/singer-songwriter and musician Maryann Maisano ,viewed the antics going on in her Italian-born parents home from a very different perspective than her siblings. They all grew up with a commuter parking lot as their backyard, numerous taxis in the driveway, taxi phones ringing at dinner, and a very charismatic father who had a way with the ladies.
Her siblings seemed to think Maryann was the peculiar one, that is, until the tables turned.
Maryann’s tale is one of passion, skewered love, and the unthinkable for an Italian family ─ therapy.
This is a story of how detaching from the very things we love and striving to fulfill our dreams can save us. A hilarious story, ripe with intrigue, poignancy, dysfunction, infidelity, but no murder ─yet! A Comdey/Drama!

Directed by Michael Mangano  ~ ~ Produced by Strong Island TV

Stand-up Comedian

Viruses are contagious. But so is panic, fear, calm,grace,

empathy,love & kindness.

Choose wisely which one you will spread:)



Hey Ma, I'm on TV!

Zia Maria

Italians can't whisper

Gus & the Greek Diner

Angelina versus Alexia

Show Song Parody

Show Song Parody


More Than Just A Comedy Show

THE ITALIAN CHICKS is a two-hour comedy & variety show that takes you back to a time and place when life was simpler, and culture and traditions were respected and honored. This show is a blend of comedy, music, storytelling and a little bit of dancing. You don’t have to Italian to love this show, you just have to have a dysfunctional family.

Who attends the shows? The entire family...From the Matriarch down to the 3rd cousin.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this a “girls night out” – you just might meet your new husband there!


The show premiered at the Laugh Factory in NYC, NY January 9, 2010 to a sold out 250 seat room when not one person knew who they were!  Now, after 9 years, The Italian Chicks are growing the family!  

The show is revamped and ALL new. Along with new cast members .

The shows move forward into 2020 with a rotating cast so you never know whatcha gonna get, kinda like a the cocktail hour at an Italian Wedding.


THE ITALIAN CHICKS will make you remember things you paid your shrink to forget!

More than just a comedy show!

The Italian Chicks were endorsed by Danny Aiello up until his passing in 2019.

Do ya love him Loretta? Ya Ma I love him awful!  RIP Danny aka Johnny Cammareri :)



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